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Controlled Substance Advanced Practice Pharmacy Proposal


Our solution to the current inability of many pharmacies to purchase the medication their patients need is a specialty certification we call the ‘Controlled Substance Advance Practice Pharmacy,’ (CSAPP). The CSAPP waiver is intended to be a secondary DEA registration for pharmacies that dispense a higher than average number of controlled substances.  We beiieve it could be managed similarly to the ‘X waiver’ for physicians that write prescriptions for buprenorphine. The CSAPP waiver is intended to protect legitimate patient access to controlled substances, to protect the wholesale distributors that supply the medication, and the communities in which we live.  The CSAPP proposal uses the PainTrac™ protocols to ensure appropriate dispensing to genuine patients.



PainTrac™ is a proprietary trademarked set of forms and procedures designed to protect patients, communities and pain management professionals from the risks of fraud, waste, abuse and diversion of controlled substances in the dispensing pharmacy environment.  PainTrac™ was developed for the retail pharmacy setting. PainTrac™ is a universal precautions program that takes more time and diligence than is usual in a retail pharmacy.  It is designed for use in a Controlled Substance Specialty Pharmacy, but can be used by any pharmacy when dispensing controlled substances.


Detect, Prevent and Keep Your Community Safer


The PainTrac™ universal precautions system may take some getting used to, but if your pharmacy wants to dispense controlled substances to legitimate patients while screening out illicit use, it will help you accomplish your goals.  PainTrac™ has been in daily use in Pain Management Pharmacy in California for the past eight years. The PainTrac™ system has contributed to successful Law Enforcement work with multiple prescribers and ‘patients.’





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